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AC Infinity Hydroponics Air Pump

AC Infinity Hydroponics Air Pump

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An adjustable air pump designed to improve plant growth through increased aeration in hydroponics systems. This pump’s electromagnetic motor maximizes oxygenation while conserving energy for greater efficiency and lower operational costs. Encasing the motor is a durable body and multi-layered muffler for low noise operation with minimal vibration. The fully adjustable dial regulates air pressure for optimal oxygen levels, delivered via secured tubing for single direction airflow.

An air pumping system designed for hydroponics settings to improve growth by enrichening oxygen levels.
Innovative electromagnetic motor maximizes air pressure and volume while reducing energy consumption.
Adjustable turn dial delivers full control of airflow levels for a wide array of aeration applications.
Heavy-duty shell and internal muffler dampen noise to allow for continuous ultra-quiet operation.
Air tubing with check valve supplies secure one-way oxygenation and flexible installation options.

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