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Smell Proof Belt Bag - Gray

Smell Proof Belt Bag - Gray

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A lightweight belt bag designed to conceal any trace of odor for the safe transportation of personal goods. The smell-proof inner layer has heavy-duty carbon filter lining, which helps achieve privacy and deliver total protection. Its non-woven nylon fabric body has a 900D thickness rating that enables it to withstand duress and harsh conditions and ensure extended use. Its practical build features a secure strap to comfortably carry items in any setting. Utilize extra storage space by taking advantage of the additional zippered pockets.

A compact carrying case designed to securely store and transport goods while sealing in all odors.
Fortified carbon filter lining firmly locks in and suppresses enclosed scents for complete privacy.
900D Nylon casing crafted with non-woven fabric ensures extended protection from the elements.
Reinforced strap and portable build allow for comfortable transportation and convenient storage.
15-inch belt bag fit for home and travel use to carry dried goods, spices, supplements, and more.

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