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BLNCD Sleep CBD + CBN Gummies

BLNCD Sleep CBD + CBN Gummies

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Our Sleep Gummies are handcrafted with organic and vegan ingredients and contain a calming blend of organic full spectrum hemp extract and sleep-supporting cannabinol (CBN), L-Theanine, Passion Flower, and Lemon Balm. An intentional combination of cannabinoids, nootropics and adaptogens that deliver deep, rejuvenating rest without any next-day hangover.

All-Natural – Vegan – No Artificial Colors or Flavors – No Melatonin

FLAVOR  Mixed Berry  |  Blueberry, Raspberry, Black Cherry

USE  Nightly to help fall asleep easier and improve the quality of sleep.

STRENGTH (per gummy)  CBD: 20+mg  |  CBN: 5+mg
Lemon Balm: 8mg  |  L-Theanine: 8mg  |  Passion Flower: 50mg

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