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Fulton Sparkling THC Water 6pk - Lime

Fulton Sparkling THC Water 6pk - Lime

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Fulton Sparkling THC Water is a non-alcoholic, fruited sparkling water infused with 4.20 mg of THC (derived from MN-grown hemp) per 12 oz serving. We’ve leaned on our years of experience crafting beers, seltzers, and hop water to concoct the best tasting, highest-quality sparkling THC water we can make. With 0 calories, 0 sugars, and 0 carbs, Fulton Sparkling THC water helps you chill out without weighing you down.

Grass Belongs in Glass
Infusing THC in sparkling water is a delicate process. THC is an essential oil derived from the hemp plant, and as you might recall from high school science class, oil and water don’t mix--or not easily, anyway--which is where nanoemulsions come into play. You’ll have to look up the definition of a nanoemulsion on your own, but for this purpose, just think of it as a delicate dance between particles who are just trying to stick together. In order to make it work, conditions need to be perfect.

Among the most important of those conditions is the container it is packaged in. This is where glass bottles come in. Glass is an inert material, meaning it won’t react with other substances, making glass bottles the ideal carrier for the delicately blended water-nanoemulsion mixture. Aluminum cans, on the other hand, feature an ultrathin epoxy liner designed to protect the liquid from the aluminum and vice versa. This is a good thing in most applications, but not so much in the case of THC beverages, in which the can liner will actually absorb the THC out of the beverage over time. Having no such liner, glass bottles are the superior packaging choice for THC beverages.

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