Humboldt Seed Company - OG Kush Autoflower 5pk

Humboldt Seed Company - OG Kush Autoflower 5pk

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Introducing our autoflower version of the iconic OG Kush—a powerhouse strain that never disappoints. Renowned for its ease of cultivation and robust characteristics, OG Kush remains a top choice for growers seeking reliability and potency.

Derived from a genetic blend of OG Kush, this indica-dominant strain boasts consistency in its iconic traits. Its accessibility for early cultivation makes it ideal for growers of all skill levels, offering a productive yield with its signature gassy aroma intact.

OG Kush unveils earthy, pine, and wood flavors, complementing its potent effects. Featuring THC levels ranging from 22-26%, it delivers a heady high coupled with deep relaxation, providing a well-balanced cannabis experience.

What sets OG Kush apart is its resilience, notably in stem strength, ensuring structural integrity throughout cultivation. For enthusiasts of autoflowering varieties, OG Kush offers an auto version with a seed-to-harvest timeline of 80-100 days, maintaining the genetic lineage of OG Kush and Chunkadelic Auto. Experience the timeless allure of this coveted Kush strain.

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