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Mephisto Genetics - Forgotten Strawberries 3 Auto Seeds

Mephisto Genetics - Forgotten Strawberries 3 Auto Seeds

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Forgotten Strawberries Auto Feminized is a hybrid strain with a perfect balance of 50% indica and 50% sativa. It was produced by crossing Strawberry Nuggets with another variety called Fugue State. This F3 strain will provide a small range of phenotypes, offering a touch of diversity.

While most plants tend to be short and stocky, occasionally a plant emerges that displays more sativa traits. This is thanks to the influence of the genetics of Fugue State.

These plants typically reach an average height of 60 – 80 cm, and their life-cycle spans 70 – 80 days from germination to harvest. Expected yields range between 80 – 100 grams per plant, with the mature buds being compact and rich in resin. The buds of Forgotten Strawberries Auto are generously coated in resin making them visually appealing.

The aroma and taste of Forgotten Strawberries Auto are both fruity, reminiscent of citrus and imbued with the intense, almost artificial essence of ripe strawberries. Some enthusiasts have likened the experience of consuming this strain to indulging in a delectable, dank, and fruity smoothie.

Initially, the effect is characterized by a potent cerebral high, which gradually transitions into a state of deep relaxation and mellow physical sensations. This strain is highly regarded for its mood-enhancing properties and its ability to stimulate the appetite.

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