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Stigma Lemonade Iced Tea

Stigma Lemonade Iced Tea

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An elevated version of a classic blend.

Our THC Lemonade Iced Tea is powered by a 10mg dose of our Rapid Uptake THC hemp extract. The result is a delicious tea with just enough lemon flavor and sweetness to bring it all into focus.

10mg per can / 5mg per serving

What does "Rapid Uptake" THC mean?

By utilizing a unique and innovative process known as nanoemulsification, we’ve given our Beverages a greater bioavailability. This allows our bodies to absorb the THC rapidly and with ease.

With less waiting time to feel the effects—the THC makes its presence known as soon as twenty minutes after consumption—this means less potential to consume too much too fast.

 Serve cold, enjoy.

Suggested serving size: Half a can (5MG). Dosing depends on multiple factors.


  • Water, Sugar, Black Tea Extract, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Hemp Derived THC, Sodium Benzoate
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