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Twenty20 Mendocino - Avenue of the Giants 3 Fem Seeds

Twenty20 Mendocino - Avenue of the Giants 3 Fem Seeds

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    • Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid (fems)
    • Lineage: Ave #33 x Ave #12 (F2): Great Success x (Testarossa x Sour Strawburied)
    • Filial Generation: F2

    • PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Below Average to Low

    • Indoor Flower Time: 65-75 days.

    • Outdoor Harvest Date: Early to Mid Oct

    • Trellising Requirements:  Average to above average

    • Height/Stretch: Above average

    • Yield Index (per sf): Average

    • Color: Ripens to purple and lavender, especially outdoors

    • Nose: Overripe strawberries, fermented grapes, ammonia nasal burn, red cedar, and orange candy.  A conglomeration of complex smells!

    • Tips from the grower: This is generally an easy plant to grow.  She has great even branching and does well with SCROG.  Outdoors, plants will naturally get quite bushy without topping.  As a grower, this cultivar has regularly been one of our favorites to grow simply because we love smelling her.  Her terpenes come out early and strong; don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!

    • Notes: Named after the famed highway in Humboldt County, this is a union of three cultivars from three different Emerald Triangle breeders.

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